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At the start of the coronavirus outbreak, we created a dedicated COVID-19 response team that's been working around the clock to update each of our policies and procedures to support safer practices for our Care Pros and Clients.

We follow all MDPH / CDC recommendations

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What to Know About COVID-19 Before Setting Up Care

Many families are balancing the risks of non-family members coming into their homes and the benefits of trained caregivers supporting their loved one are essential.   While home is the safest place for your loved one, not all home care agencies are created equal. Be sure you're working with an agency that prioritizes the health and well-being of your family. 

Guaranteed PPE

We've worked hard to secure enough PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) for all of

our staff and clients. Your Care Pro will have a fresh KN95 rated face mask for every

shift. This is the only mask the CDC says can filter out viruses. 

Pre-Visit Check

Each Care Pro must complete this health screen including a temperature check

before being able to clock in for their shift.

Re-staffing Due to Illness

If a Care Pro is sick or has a fever, they must stay home - and we don't penalize anyone for missing a visit due to illness. We'll immediately begin restaffing.  The Care Pro will be removed from any care visits and until cleared to return to work in accordance with public health guidelines.

Post-Symptom Clearance

If a Care Pro has exhibited any flu-like symptoms and been taken off the schedule, they must pass our new, enhanced clearance process before returning to work, in accordance with CDC guidelines.

Constant Training

Our Care Pros are being trained frequently on proper infection control techniques. Including appropriate hand washing procedures. They're then tested on there knowledge, so we can be sure you're as safe as possible.

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